Cold Weather Precautions For The Winter

Melting snow, freezing temperatures, and icy surfaces are just a few of the threats brought on by winter weather. Even Florida can fall victim to these hazards and the damage to homes and the resultant claims can keep an Orlando insurance attorney very busy.

Homeowners Insurance Attorneys

There are many precautions a homeowner can take before and during cold weather. Inspections before the cold temperatures and specific precautions during the cold spell will help prevent the most catastrophic damage.

Before the Cold Weather

When the weather forecast predicts plummeting temperatures, take time to inspect the following items both outside and inside your home. The best case scenario is to make repairs before the bad weather and avoid emergency service fees and delayed response times from repair companies.

  • Gutters. Check gutters for leaks and broken sections. Clear out debris because if gutters are weighted down with a combination of ice and debris, you risk having them break off completely during the cold spell.
  • Pipes. Insulate outdoor pipes exposed to air. You can purchase an insulation kit for pipes at a hardware store or even use package material found at pack and mail stores.
  • Roofs. Repair any leaks and replace missing tiles before the cold weather hits. As with the gutters, this is moisture control. Ice melts and cold can make current roof damage worse.
  • Heating. Test your heat pump as soon as you hear about freeze warnings. If you smell burning or suspect anything wrong with your heating system, arrange for an inspection and possible repair. Indoor heat will not only keep you comfortable, but also prevent your indoor plumbing from freezing. Clean indoor air ducts to increase efficiency and air quality and reduce chances of fire.
  • Double-check insurance coverage. Many homeowners find out too late what their insurance policy does not cover. Contact your agency to ensure that weather-related damages are covered and the limitations of that coverage. If you require assistance interpreting your policy, contact the Orlando insurance attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A.

During Cold Weather

While the cold spell goes through its phases, you can now stay indoors safely until it is over. However, your diligence does not end. Burst pipes, poor insulation, and power outages can still make life difficult.

  • Prepare for power outages. Compile a power outage kit with a battery powered radio, matches, and flashlights and candles. Keep warm clothes and blankets accessible or you will face a long uncomfortable night. If you have coolers for camping and the beach, use them to store food if a power outage is for the long term.
  • Take care of indoor pipes. If bathroom or kitchen sinks have cabinets, leave them open at night. That will keep them warm and prevent freezing by allowing the pipes direct access to heat. Keep faucets on to just a slow drip because moving water cannot freeze.

Despite all your precautions, the worst can still occur and your home will incur damages. If this happens, and you require help filing a claim, contact the attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. Our legal assistance can ensure the smooth handling of your claim, timely repairs, and compensation for more serious damages.