Family Law

Tips Sharing Custody Children

Tips For Sharing Custody Of Your Children

Jan 26, 2015

Parenting is challenging enough on its own but throw divorce and joint custody into the mix and you have a whole new set of obstacles to navigate. But believe it or not, joint custody and co-parenting with your ex can be successful. It’s all about setting boundaries and following rules. Here are a few tips for sharing custody of your children.

Identity Stolen

What To Do When Your Identity Is Stolen

Nov 12, 2014

Identity theft can happen to anyone. It can be tax or medical-related and causes serious damage to your financial security, credit history and personal reputation. Plus, a stolen identity can take months to straighten out—time and hassle you can’t afford. To keep yourself safe from this growing threat, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) outlines these steps for taking back your identity.

What To Expect During A Divorce Trial

What to Expect During a Divorce Trial

Jun 02, 2014

Going through a divorce is a highly stressful and major life change. Along with the emotional toll of the separation, the legal battle can be just as strenuous. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of a divorce or in the midst of legal proceedings, it’s important to know what you’re up against. Here are four stages of what to expect if you choose to litigate your divorce settlement in court.