Florida Texting While Driving Citations Issued For Construction And School Zones

Beginning October 1, 2019, all handling of mobile devices while driving within school & active construction zones will be considered distracted driving and prohibited in accordance to Senate Bill 76 — drivers may be pulled over and cited for this violation in these areas. Warnings will be issued for violations until December 31, 2019, after which tickets may be given at the discretion of officers. The change follows the reclassification of texting and driving in Florida from a secondary offense to a primary traffic violation, which took effect on July 1, 2019. This time around, exceptions that were made for navigational purposes will no longer be valid while driving through school and active construction zones. If you are stopped for distracted driving or if you are involved in a car accident resulting from texting and driving, contact Orlando personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. in order to ensure that your rights are protected.

What Is Considered An Infraction Under Florida’s Texting & Driving Law?

Updates to Floria’s texting while driving law prohibits all handling of mobile devices while driving within all school zones as well as construction areas while workers are present. Devices may be used only in a hands-free manner. If calling someone while behind the wheel, use a Bluetooth headset with one ear free at all times in order to maintain attention to the road. Handling your phone for any purpose other than during an emergency (dialing 911) could be considered an infraction. These restrictions apply only to drivers of moving vehicles or stopped vehicles obstructing traffic. If you need to use your phone for navigation purposes or to make a call, we recommend you do so either before getting onto the road or after reaching your destination — if you have to use your phone while en route, be sure to park your car in an appropriate location before handling the device.

Can A Police Officer Take Away My Phone?

Police must abide by the same procedures for stopping and pulling you over as established with the July changes in the Florida texting and driving law. Police cannot confiscate your phone without a warrant, unless the mobile device may be deemed as evidence within a court of law following a car accident or another type of accident which involves your motor vehicle. Contact us for more information and to protect your rights.

How Long Will The Warning Period Last?

The warning period takes place from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, after which tickets may be issued for distracted driving at the discretion of police officers. There is no limit to the number of warnings drivers may receive, yet the infractions will not affect drivers’ records. However, be aware that the warning period is only for the Oct. 1 traffic law changes regarding roadways located outside of school and construction zones. At their discretion, police agencies have the option to issue tickets to drivers caught texting and driving outside of active work and school zones.

How Much Will A Ticket Cost Me?

Following the warning period, the first offense for mobile handling in school and construction zones will be a non-moving traffic violation (no points) and a $30 fine. The second and subsequent offenses within a period of 5 years will be moving violations (3 points) and a $60 fine. Extra fees may be required as imposed by the clerk of court.

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