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I will not bore you with Degrees and Accolades, just results.

While growing up, I was always asked why ? … and said that’s not fair ! , and always had the desire to find out information. After the tragic of my death of my father, who was killed in a car accident. The insurance company did not do the right thing to say the least nor did the irresponsible driver who caused it. Nonetheless, I wanted to hold someone responsible and accountable. So, the commencement of my journey began from a switch in major in college from Business to Law Studies. I wanted to do my best and understand the craziness and even out the playing field.

Thereafter, paralegal work in major NYC law firms and gaining all the experience I could get to make me the best in what I do. To advocate for our clients who may not have the voice, knowledge and understanding of how they should be treated fairly. My journey in this industry has had gratifying results. In the past 32 years of my work experience, I believed that the skills I obtain in this area of law, I could successfully assist with our client’s needs, gain their trust, and respect for a positive resolution.

After several Paralegal/Case Manager, and law office manager positions for different type of firms one for insurance companies and others to help individuals’ consumers. I chose that helping individuals against insurance companies was the best position for me.

After a several years here in Florida, I was introduced to the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, who shared the same passion and vison that I had to advocate for their client. Based on this company vision I was hired in May 2014 as a Senior Case Manager, in the Personal Injury department Pre-Suit, department 1st and 3rd party claims.

Of all the things I want you to know about me is this “I will be your advocate.”

One of my favorite childhood cartoon phrases which echoes my mind when I meet our clients, is “There’s no need to fear. Under Dog here”!!!

I will fight for you and will not give up without a good fight. Which could result in leveling out the playing field and for a positive outcome for you and your family.