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If you are going through a divorce, child custody, domestic violence, modification, child support or spousal support issues, a family law attorney is essential to protect your interests. A family law lawyer can represent you throughout the process and help you pursue a fair resolution. All too often, individuals in these types of cases try to represent themselves and they later find out they missed out on important aspects of their case due to unfamiliarity with Florida law. Family law cases are often complex and require the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Family Law Attorneys

Our attorneys can help in the following ways.


Divorce cases typically involve division of property and debts. Without an attorney, the other party may walk away with more than they should. An attorney can help make sure property and debt are divided in accordance with the legal standards and that the other party does not abuse the system.

Child Custody & Time Sharing

Child custody cases often involve high emotions and conflict. Courts have great flexibility as to the types of evidence to consider in a child custody case. Our attorneys will be familiar with the relevant factors and the types of evidence to support your position to find a child custody solution that is best for your children.

Domestic Violence

Allegations of domestic violence can result in serious consequences. An attorney can help protect your rights, regardless of whether you are the victim or alleged perpetrator.


Many are unaware that family law and child custody cases may be modified in some circumstances. An attorney can review your situation to determine if there is a basis for modification. Also, an attorney will know the procedure to pursue modification.

Child & Spousal Support

Child support and alimony are determined in accordance with established legal standards. Our family law attorneys can ensure that the standards are followed and that the amount of child support ordered follows the law. We can prevent another party from trying to trick the system by paying less than a fair amount.

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