Scooter Accident Attorneys

Scooters provide an economical and practical way for many people to commute in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, scooter accidents are all too common and can greatly affect a scooter rider’s life. If you or a loved one have been injured in a scooter accident, contact the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. today.

Common Types Of Scooter Accidents

There are many types of scooter accidents but these four are commonly seen by the Orlando personal injury lawyers with the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting occurs when a scooter is driven between two lanes of moving or stopped traffic. While the practice may allow the rider to reach a destination more quickly, it also puts him or her at the whims of surrounding drivers who may or may not see the scooter. Lane splitting is illegal in Florida, and a scooter rider’s ability to recover damages may be limited unless it can be shown the other driver’s negligence contributed to the accident.

Uneven Pavement

Buckled or uneven pavement, potholes, and other roadway irregularities pose a risk to scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles. If a scooter rider is unable to avoid these issues, the rider may lose control and wipeout.

Rear-End Collisions

Unfortunately, rear-end collisions involving scooters are not uncommon. Aggressive drivers or drivers who aren’t paying attention can rear-end scooters at traffic lights and in moving traffic. Since a scooter rider is wholly exposed, a rear-end collision can throw them from the scooter and cause serious injuries.

Hit-And-Run Collisions

It’s common for scooters to be involved with hit-and-run collisions as the other vehicle may sustain minor damage and drive away while the scooter driver is unable to move their scooter because of damage and/or injury.

Scooter Accident Injuries

Injuries sustained in a scooter accident can vary but the effects may be long-lasting. Even low-speed scooter accidents can result in incapacitating injuries, including:

  • Brain and head injuries;
  • Broken or fractured bones;
  • Contusions, lacerations, and deep cuts; and
  • Road rash.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, short- and long-term medical treatment may be necessary. Personal injury attorneys in Orlando with the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. will work to secure compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

What To Do After A Scooter Accident

Seek Medical Attention

Head trauma and internal injuries are common in scooter accidents, even if the rider was wearing a helmet. Other injuries may not be clear due to shock and surging adrenaline which makes medical attention all the more important.

Take Photos & Notes Of The Accident Scene

If possible, take photos and notes of the accident scene. This includes photos of the roadway, traffic signs, and other accident evidence. Make sure to make note of the other driver’s information, such as full name, insurance, and vehicle registration. Law enforcement officers that respond will put together an accident report that is also helpful if you choose to contact the Orlando personal injury lawyers with the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A.

Contact An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

An Orlando personal injury attorney understands the rights of a scooter rider and Florida traffic laws. This is crucial in determining liability in a scooter accident — something that can be difficult to prove on your own.

Personal Injury Attorneys In Orlando

Whether you’ve suffered a personal injury in a scooter accident or other motor vehicle accident, a personal injury lawyer with the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. can help. Our attorneys understand the emotional and physical impact a personal injury can have on you and loved ones. That’s why we work aggressively to build the strongest case possible in your favor so you receive the full amount of compensation possible. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation.