Personal Injury Settlement Attorney

In a personal injury case, your insurance company should work on your behalf to see that a reasonable settlement is reached and accepted. However, the insurance company that you've paid money towards is often all too ready to fail their customers by refusing to accept and pay a reasonable settlement, opting instead to go to court in hopes of a lower verdict. In this scenario, it's your money on the line because if the case is lost, you'll end up having to pay the excess verdict.

If you've been offered a reasonable settlement in your personal injury case and you believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith by not accepting it, we can help. Schedule a case consultation with the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. today for legal representation that isn't afraid to take on big insurance companies!

What Is An Excess Verdict?

Every insurance policy has a liability limit. If someone sues you, such as in an auto accident, the insurance will pay up to that amount towards the settlement. So, for example, if the injured party is suing you for $300,000, an insurance policy with a liability limit of $100,000 will only cover that much of the settlement. Now, if that party is willing to settle out of court for a lower amount, your insurance company may decline the settlement and take the case to court in hopes of lower compensation. The problem is that your case may end up losing. The court may award the plaintiff even more money.

Either way, the insurance wins because they will only have to pay that same $100,000, but you'll be responsible for whatever the settlement ends up being over the liability limit. In scenarios where a reasonable settlement is offered, and the insurance company declines to take it, you're putting yourself at risk for paying the excess, which can total thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.

The Cost Of Excess Verdicts

We all pay into auto insurance and other forms of insurance as a safeguard for the worst. But when the worst happens, and the insurance leaves you holding the bag, the consequences can be dire. Excess verdicts can strip away all of your assets, including your home, car, and retirement savings. And all because the insurance company put their interests ahead of yours. This financial ruin can devastate years of thoughtful planning and hard work, leaving you with few avenues for recourse. It may seem hopeless, but a bad faith insurance law firm can provide you with more options.

How Our Orlando Insurance Attorney Can Help

Our insurance defense attorneys have your back! When a big insurance company thinks that they can take advantage of individual policyholders, we'll be there to set them straight. This is your life and no company should have so much power over it.

Our insurance defense law firm has years of experience handling insurance companies that act in bad faith. We have the network and legal know-how to hit big companies right where it hurts — their wallets. Contact us today for a free case consultation and answers to all of your questions.