Dedicated Family Divorce Attorney Who Will Guide You Through A Divorce

When a divorce becomes necessary for your household, you need an experienced family divorce attorney to protect your assets and legal rights. Whether it is alimony, child custody & support, divorce appeals, a fault / no-fault divorce, business & divorce, or a high-asset divorce, experienced divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., can assist you through the overall process.

Florida Divorce Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., we understand that filing for divorce is never easy. Making the decision to file for divorce not only requires emotional support, but also legal guidance. In a time when your stress is at its peak, finding a skilled attorney who will support you and advocate for you is vital. Contact us in Altamonte Springs, FL, to learn about your legal options related to family law in Greater Orlando and Central Florida.

Family Law & Divorce Attorney Providing Personalized Representation

If you are seeking the recommended legal guidance before, during or after you file for a divorce, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. will not only support you but also advocate for you.

These are just some of the aspects that our lawyers can assist you with:

  • Navigating the divorce process specifically in the State of Florida and explaining how it differs from other states that you may be familiar with
  • Preparing you for the potential of alimony or child support
  • Advising you about the distinction between a separation and a divorce and your entitlements in each
  • Advising you about the distinction between an annulment and a divorce and what you can legally file for
  • Initiating the process of dividing property and debt before you decide to file or mediating impending conflicts after you file

Divorces can often be difficult, but with an experienced divorce attorney, they do not have to be. Along with the reasons listed above, a divorce attorney can simplify the process of filing for divorce in Florida. You will be updated and well-informed on the proper way to handle paperwork and legalese, and you’ll have a trustworthy legal representation on your side.

Common Issues in Divorce

There are many issues that come with getting a divorce. The most common are listed below:

  • Children: When couples are divorced, a lot of consideration goes into how the children involved will be affected. Often, a custodial parent has to be assigned and time-sharing arrangements must also be made to enable the child to experience a childhood that is as normal as possible.
  • Assets & Property: After a divorce, assets and property must be divided between the spouses. If there is no prenuptial agreement to govern the process, spouses may experience disagreements and run into conflicts. A divorce attorney can help you identify assets and property collected/obtained during the marriage and help to divide the assets and property equitably.

Compassionate Family Law Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our goal is not only focused on representing you during private negotiations and court proceedings. We have worked with hundreds of spouses at our firm, and we understand how difficult and emotionally challenging the process can be. Our attorneys are empathetic and understand your unique circumstances, and we will do everything within our power to provide you with kind legal representation.

To learn more about the ways you can benefit from the advice of a knowledgeable attorney for litigation pertaining to family law in the greater Orlando and Central Florida regions, contact the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A.