Personal Injury Lawyer For Distracted Walking

While most of us are aware of the dangers of texting and driving, texting and walking can also result in serious injury or even death. Even though a pedestrian may not be held to the same standards as drivers because they’re not operating heavy machinery, not paying attention while walking can cause a domino effect of accidents in addition to injuring the distracted walker themselves. 

If you were injured in a distracted walking accident, it’s important to know your rights. Whether you caused an accident by walking and texting, or were in an accident caused by someone else, having a personal injury attorney on your side can help you navigate the various laws of both the state of Florida and the city or town where the accident occurred. 

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Walking While Texting Injuries

While injuries sustained from distracted walking are usually less severe than distracted driving, the regularity at which these accidents are occurring is increasing, and some of them have proven deadly. While “fail videos” of distracted walkers obliviously walking into light posts or falling down have gained momentary internet fame, the people involved in these accidents could be facing hospital bills, doctor treatments, fines, and more. Some common injuries that can occur in a distracted walking incident can include the following. 

  • Broken Bones
  • Sprains Or Twisted Joints
  • Scraps, Cuts & Bruises

Distracted walkers may cause additional damages by walking out into the road when there is oncoming traffic, walking into a dangerous construction site, or cutting off another pedestrian or cyclist. They may even be held responsible for covering the costs of others’ injuries.

Laws About Walking And Texting

While drivers are primarily responsible for avoiding other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists, pedestrians are still liable for paying attention and using their best judgment. In fact, there are a few different Florida laws that cover pedestrians. The most important is Florida Statute §316.130, which lays out various rules that pedestrians should know and follow in order to safely commute near traffic. Breaking any of these rules can result in a fine. Depending on the town or city, there may be additional fines that specifically target texting while walking. In fact, as bans against texting and driving increase around the country, there will probably start being more rules that affect distracted walking as well.

How A Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help

There are a lot of factors that determine the liability for distracted walking accidents and having a lawyer who is well-versed in these cases is important. While you may have received a settlement offer from the insurance company, it may not be enough to cover the costs for your injuries. In this case, our attorneys can handle an insurance dispute case. We can also help determine liability if an automobile or another pedestrian was also involved in the accident. 

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