Property Insurance Claim Lawyers

Many homes and business properties are devastated every year by natural disasters, including hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, sinkholes, and more, in addition to damages by people, such as arson and burglary. That’s why we invest in insurance policies — to protect what’s ours and to help us get back to normal after a stroke of bad luck. However, if an insurance company refuses to make a fair payout on the property insurance claim, it can be a big financial hit for homeowners, renters, and business owners, leaving them unsure where to turn next.

If your property was damaged and your claim has been denied or underpaid by the insurance company, it’s time to contact an insurance lawyer. The experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. can help guide you through the bad faith insurance process and fight for what’s rightly yours. Schedule your case consultation today!

Types Of Property Damage

Depending on the severity of the property damage, it can have an impact on your ability to safely reside at or conduct business on the property. Even if the damage is minimal, such as a broken window, if it’s not addressed quickly, it can lead to further damage and costs. Possible property damage can include:

  • Foundational Damage. Damage to the property’s flooring, walls, stairways, and more.
  • Roof Damage. This can lead to dangerous conditions and potential roof collapse or can lead to water damage. 
  • Water Damage. This can turn into structural damage, the growth of mold and mildew, and can completely ruin irreplaceable belongings.
  • Broken Windows. Shards of glass and an opening in the home or business can lead to dangerous conditions.
  • Landscape Damage. Uprooted trees, branches, lawn chairs, and other easily flung items can pose hazards to homes and businesses.
  • Other Property Damage. This can include machinery, vehicles, secondary structures such as sheds, building siding, and more.

Causes Of Property Damage

Because there are a variety of different types of insurance coverage and supplemental policies available, it’s important to know what causes of damage are covered by the policy you have with your insurance provider. Common causes of property damage can include:

A property insurance lawyer can review your policy to determine what damages may be covered and help you to receive fair compensation.

Do You Need An Insurance Attorney?

While not all insurance claims require the assistance of an attorney, most can benefit from having an experienced one on your side. This is especially true if your claim has been denied or undervalued. Our insurance lawyers can review your insurance policy(s) and discover the types of damages that are covered. We can also gather supporting evidence and documentation to help settle the claim dispute. You’ve invested in an insurance policy to keep your property safe, now let us help you to receive fair compensation for your property damage.