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Standard business and residential property insurance policies cover sinkhole damage caused when sandy soils beneath or adjacent to buildings or parking areas suddenly collapse. If you have suffered sinkhole damage on your property, but you’re having trouble getting your insurance company to accept the claim, the advice of an experienced insurance law attorney can give you a good idea of your legal options. Contact the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., in Altamonte Springs, FL, for a free consultation for insurance and injury cases.

Sinkhole claims often generate disputes over the precise nature of the geological event that wrecked your house, your shop or your land. The insurance company might resist payment on the grounds that the hole in your yard isn’t actually a sinkhole — it’s just simple settling of subjacent soils, and it isn’t a covered loss.

Our Florida attorneys work with outstanding experts in geology and hydrology to develop an accurate understanding of the nature of your soil problem, and we know how to develop and present the information in terms that insurers have no choice but to take seriously.

Property Damage & Insurance Claims

Even a small sinkhole can be an expensive problem to address, and it makes sense to take another look at the insurer’s decision to deny coverage of your property damage claim. Even if your problem turns out to be a soil stability problem that is not a covered sinkhole, you still might have legal remedies.

You might be able to sue:

  • A seller for undisclosed property conditions,
  • A construction contractor if the structure is still under warranty, or
  • A builder for negligence if they failed to make sure the land was suitable for development.

Whether your problem involved a sinkhole or other geological issue, our insurance claim lawyers can advise you about your legal alternatives and pursue your rights against an insurer, a developer or a contractor. In many cases, you’ll be entitled to attorney fees in addition to your damages. Contact the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. to find out more about your legal options in greater Orlando and Central Florida.