Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

If You Suspect Bad Faith, Contact An Insurance Lawyer Who Will Fight For You

Insurance companies sell the dream of protection and stability during times of tragedy and crisis to constituents worldwide. We often see the billboards advertising various insurance companies with appealing commercials and catchy slogans. “We will always be on your side” or “Count on us” are common phrases associated with insurance companies. In other words, people rightfully expect to lean on insurance companies for compensation and support when unforeseen circumstances strike. But when insurance providers fail to deliver, especially when legitimate claims are involved, it is known as “bad faith.”

Insurance Lawyers Standing Against Bad Faith Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Tactics Equal Professional Negligence

Bad faith is the technical term that is utilized to describe behaviors enforced by insurance carriers that are meant to make achieving settlements for valid claims difficult. Insurance lawyers are familiar with the types of behavior that insurance companies often participate in to resist making payments to its clientele.

Below are common examples of bad faith insurance tactics:

  • The usage of force, verbal abuse, brainwashing or threats to make a client agree to a settlement
  • An unreasonable delay of investigation
  • An unreasonable delay in payment
  • Providing partial payment(s) or an amount that does not reflect the terms and conditions of the insurance policy
  • Refusal to operate under full investigative procedures and standards
  • Poor communication
  • Denials against legitimate claims
  • Misrepresentation of calculations, documents, records and policies

Bad faith tactics come in many forms. There is no doubt that, in many cases, bad faith insurance tactics represent poor professionalism and even negligence. Insurance companies, like all other professional businesses, are expected to adhere to a high level of ethical professionalism. Failure to act fairly and efficiently can create numerous problems for clientele suffering to restore their lives after emergencies (such as fires, auto accidents, personal injuries, etc.). At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our insurance dispute attorneys take professional negligence, such as bad faith tactics, seriously and will do everything within our power to help you gain the settlement that is owed to you. Allow an insurance dispute lawyer at one of our prestigious insurance dispute law firms to represent you.

The Truth About Bad Faith Insurance Policies

Here is the bitter truth about bad faith insurance policies.

  1. They are often implemented to prevent insurance companies from paying out too much money. Afterall, insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they have the goal to maximize profit to compete in today’s global market.
  2. When complex claims (such as cases involving thousands of dollars worth of damages, multiple parties involved, differing stories/opinions, etc.) are presented to insurance companies, insurance companies are aware that they will likely contribute a considerably high amount of funds, time and energy on the case. Thus, through bad faith tactics, they can lessen their contributions.
  3. The bad faith insurance tactics of many insurance companies often go undisputed and undocumented, making it easier for them to take advantage of their customers and act unjustly.
  4. With the assistance of an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer, you can trust that your insurance company will adhere to the terms provided within the contract, plus receive extra compensation for other losses, including punitive damages.

Fight & Protect Yourself Against Bad Faith Insurance

If you suspect that your insurance carrier is operating under bad faith, you must contact an experienced insurance dispute attorney. Sound legal representation is crucial to your case. You will have assistance with understanding percentages and complex legal jargon; submitting records in a proper and timely fashion; locating evidence, including support from experts and witnesses and have a personal negotiation to see that the policies of your insurance contract are enforced.

There are also steps that you may take to prevent your insurance company from operating under bad faith in the first place. In order to avoid bad faith, you should review and understand your contract thoroughly (an insurance attorney can help you with this task), present documentation supporting your claim in a timely, clear and concise manner, and provide evidentiary support. With these practices, it will be difficult for an insurance company to find loopholes and attack your valid claim under false and/or arbitrary reasoning.

To learn more about bad faith insurance and how to fight against such tactics, as well as protect your claims, contact the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. for a free consultation for all insurance cases. At our insurance dispute law firm in Orlando, FL, we do not take bad faith insurance (otherwise known as professional negligence) lightly. And neither should you.