If You’ve Been Injured, Contact a Premises Liability Lawyer

When you enter someone’s property, whether it be for social or operational purposes, you should be able to trust that you will be safe. When property owners fail to adhere to basic levels of care to ensure that their properties do not contain harmful or dangerous conditions, it is considered premises liability.

Premises Liability Attorneys Here for You

Injuries that occur at tourist attractions in the greater Orlando area (for example, at amusement parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Studios), at private homes, or at local businesses may give rise to premises liability claims. Property possessors are required to maintain reasonable safe conditions for people entering their properties. When their inaction or negligence leads to personal injury, you may be able to collect money for your injuries. Contact a premises liability lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., to assist you with your claim.

Helping People Injured Due to Dangerous Property Conditions

The most common type of premises liability claim involves a slip and fall accident. At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. in Altamonte Springs, FL, we fight aggressively to get injured people the help that they deserve. We provide caring, competent and committed legal representation to people injured by dangerous property conditions such as:

  • Slippery floors
  • Cracks in walkways
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Defective railings
  • Negligently maintained stairways
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Negligent security
  • Unprotected swimming pools
  • Unsupervised children’s activities

My Dog Bit Someone; What Do I Do?

As a property owner, you are required to adhere to basic levels of care. In addition to slip and fall accidents, the most common types of premises liability cases include dog bites. As a pet owner, you are required to display readable warning signs. If your dog bites someone on your property, the victim may decide to file a lawsuit. It is important to handle the situation calmly. You should apologize to the victim, offer to assist with medical attention and expenses for the victim, provide the victim with your contact information, and notify local authorities. If the victim was bit because the dog was defending you, you may be afforded certain immunities. No matter what side of the spectrum you preside on, if your dog bites someone on your property, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of Premises Liabilities

In the state of Florida, there are three basic levels of care that property owners are required to follow special regulations to ensure the safety of the individuals that enter the property:

  • Licensees: people who enter property for social purposes
  • Invitees: people who enter property for business purposes
  • Trespassers: people who enter property without permission

Property owners are expected to maintain the highest standard of care for licensees. They should inspect and look for damages and potential hazards. Property owners are only expected to correct known hazards for invitees. For trespassers, there is no need for property owners to follow the standards of care.

If you are a licensee or invitee, and you have been injured on another’s property, you should contact an experienced premises liability attorney immediately. Sound, legal representation can ensure that your premises liability claim is successful, thereby gaining you the benefits and compensation that you deserve after an injury.

Accidents While on Vacation in Florida

Millions of people flock to the surrounding Orlando, FL, area every year to visit nearby amusement parks and tourist attractions. The sheer number of people visiting places like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios increases the likelihood that slips and falls, assaults, ride malfunctions and other types of theme park accidents will occur. Our firm is available to represent any vacationer injured while visiting Florida, providing them with local legal representation familiar with the local court system.

The region also sees a steady increase of residents during the winter months as the temperature drops in northern states. Part-time residents, or those who vacation or reside in Florida during the winter, are often referred to as “snowbirds.” At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., we afford snowbirds the same aggressive representation as other vacationers or permanent residents of Florida. If you’ve been injured, contact us right away.

Premise Liability Attorneys Serving Orlando, FL

When the actions of property owners result in an injury, consult an experienced premises liability lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. Contact us online or call us to schedule a free initial consultation for injury cases.