Hurricane Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Contact Our Law Firm If Your Hurricane Damage Claim Has Been Denied

The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. represent homeowners and businesses in disputes over casualty losses related to hurricane damage. Our experience with Florida insurance law and the practical details of the claims settlement process can represent an important advantage for anyone who needs help with hurricane losses.

Property Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys

Problems with a property loss claim related to hurricane damage can come up in any number of ways, but it usually makes sense to give your insurance company a chance to deal with you fairly before bringing an attorney into the situation. Whatever you do, however, don’t be too quick to accept the first offer.

Protecting Your Interests in Insurance Disputes Over Hurricane Damage

Insurance companies suffer massive financial consequences for major natural disasters like hurricanes. They have every incentive to minimize their payout exposure on a case-by-case basis, and if they have the chance to do so at your expense, don’t be surprised when they do so.

Here are some of the tactics to watch for when you submit your hurricane loss claim:

  • Denial of coverage based on exclusions, conditions or failure to make a timely claim
  • Rejection of particular items on the proof of loss
  • Rejection of the owner’s valuations as overstated
  • Unreasonable delays in site inspection or claim response
  • Repetitive requests for unnecessary information

Our lawyers know how to keep insurance companies honest. We know how to provide proper documentation for disputed hurricane loss claims, and we know how to make sure that elements of hidden damage, such as toxic mold or water damage within walls, are not overlooked in your loss claim. We also help you recover the full extent of your additional living expenses during a long period of temporary residential arrangements.

Contact Qualified Insurance Dispute Lawyers

In certain situations, an insurer’s reluctance to deal fairly with you can amount to bad faith in violation of its coverage commitment. Our insurance dispute attorneys can take an insurance company to court not only to collect your losses, but also for the additional damages and attorneys fees caused by the insurer’s failure to live up to its contractual commitments.

For more information about our ability to protect the interests of the insured in hurricane loss claim disputes, contact the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., in Altamonte Springs.