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Being in a car accident can have traumatizing effects, both on your mental and physical wellbeing. It can also result in insurmountable debt from medical bills and loss of wages. Fortunately, Florida requires vehicle owners to carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to help compensate drivers who were in an accident, regardless of who’s at fault.

Knowing the qualifications and PIP benefits you may be eligible for can help relieve some of the stress of returning to normal life. An experienced car accident attorney can guide you through the PIP insurance process to receive maximum benefits. We can also help you decide if pursuing legal action is the right choice. Schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. today!

Qualifying For PIP Benefits

Car crash victims should seek medical attention within 14 days of the accident. Otherwise, they may be deemed ineligible to receive PIP benefits. Those without an emergency medical condition requiring immediate medical attention will not receive any more than $2,500 in compensation.

The car insurance company may also request that you receive an independent medical examination. Although these examinations are deemed “independent” on paper, note that the insurance company may be the one choosing the doctor. Because of this, do not sign any paperwork (besides a sign-in sheet), and do not discuss any legal matters during the examination. An experienced attorney can help answer questions about independent medical examinations.

PIP benefits are typically paid within 30 days after the insurance company receives written notice of the damages. The insurer may have an additional 60 days to investigate the claim if they believe it is fraudulent. Having a legal team on your side can help you receive maximum compensation in a reasonable amount of time.

What Does PIP Cover?

After any applicable deductibles, PIP may help cover the following costs:

  • 80% of medical expenses, including prescription, dental, and rehabilitative costs (not including acupuncture or massage therapy)
  • 60% of lost wages
  • $5,000 for death benefits (in addition to any medical and disability benefits provided under the policy)
  • Mileage reimbursement for doctor visits

Remember to keep original receipts and prescription labels for any out-of-pocket expenses associated with your medical treatment — the insurance company may need these to reimburse you.

For wage reimbursement, your employer will need to submit a wage and salary verification form that shows your gross wages for 13 weeks before the accident. Likewise, your physician may need to complete a disability form if your injuries require you to be out of work for an extended period. A car accident lawyer can help ensure these forms are submitted promptly, before any deadlines.

Seeking Additional Compensation

If you sustained severe injuries and the $2,500 PIP coverage does not fully cover your medical costs, you may seek additional compensation from the at-fault driver. Additionally, you may also claim the remaining 40% of lost wages not covered under PIP. An auto accident attorney can help you decide if a personal injury lawsuit is the best course of action.

For ongoing treatment, your physician may request a letter of protection asking for some of your medical expenses to be paid with your settlement. Make sure to have a qualified PIP claim attorney review all legally-binding documents before you sign them.

PIP Insurance Claim Attorneys In Orlando, FL

The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., will work with victims of car accidents to gather all necessary proof and documentation. Our attorneys will analyze your case and give you a thorough explanation of what clients can expect from our services. We believe that it is essential to set clear and reasonable expectations early in our relationships with clients. After that initial meeting, we will prepare your case for trial and help you receive all of the medical care that you need. We can also direct you to other resources and types of cases. We like to follow up with clients to reinforce the expectations that were set at our initial meeting and to let them know that we are meeting our goals and if we are not, what needs to be done to do that. Our firm will work diligently to help you receive due compensation!