We Stand Up to Bad Faith Insurance Companies

The majority of consumers wrongly believe that when something bad or unfortunate happens, their insurance companies will be “on their side,” ready to help alleviate the problems and pay for damages.

But the reality is that insurance companies do not want to pay anything so they will offer as little as possible, sometimes avoiding disclosure of additional funds for which consumers qualify. There are many reasons why an insurer might deny a claim or might insist a policy doesn't cover what the policyholder thinks it does, or is simply unwilling to settle. It is at times like these insurance claim dispute attorneys are often required to straighten out the insurer's relationship to the insured.

Denied Claims Lawyers

Strictly speaking, an insurance company and its customer should not be adversaries. By now, everyone has seen the lengths to which companies go to convince us all how they are on our side when we encounter misfortune. An attorney's best strategy in any dispute is to restore that relationship and avoid an insurance lawsuit.

The average person is not well-equipped to navigate the insurance code, nor is he/she trained in resolving disagreements. But in an insurance dispute resolution, an attorney understands the basic balance between competing interests and can work within that balance to align his/her client's outcome with an insurance company's better instincts.

The key to this is simply understanding a policy and the law: Two things insurance litigation attorneys are guaranteed to accomplish. Without misunderstandings and confusion in the way, a dispute can be resolved much more quickly and likely without litigation.

Insurance Claim Denied?

Like it or not, insurance companies exist to turn a profit. Any money they don't pay out in claims goes directly to the bottom line. While this can often seem at odds with their stated purpose, it represents the other half of their own balancing act: Protecting their shareholders from unnecessary loss.

That said, rarely do insurance companies risk insurance coverage disputes simply to thwart their customers. Very often denied claims have far more to do with policy details, circumstance and a calendar than anything else. What an attorney can do in these situations is bypass the emotions and get the facts organized to see if perhaps something has been missed. Occasionally a bad faith insurance lawyer will uncover something unusual, but it's rare.

Occasionally, those denied claims can become satisfied customers with a little attention to detail.

We Fight for Your Rights to Coverage

Hiring insurance lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. can seem like declaring war, but it doesn't really have to be that dramatic. The basic value in having someone on your side is just that. Being alone against a huge insurance company with thousands of employees is too much to ask of anyone. With our insurance dispute attorneys on your side of the table, you can rest easy. Contact our Orlando law office today for a free consultation for all insurance cases.