We Stand Up To Bad Faith Insurance Companies

When something unfortunate happens, many people believe their insurance companies will be “on their side,” ready and willing to help alleviate the problems and pay for damages. But this is seldom the case. The reality is that insurance companies make their profits by paying out as little as possible, sometimes holding back additional disclosures for which policyholders qualify.

Insurers may find any number of reasons to deny a claim or to insist that a policy doesn’t actually cover what the policyholder might think it does. And some insurers are unwilling to settle no matter what. It’s at times like these when insurance claim dispute attorneys step in.

Denied Insurance Claims Lawyers

An insurance company and its customer should not be adversaries. We have all seen the lengths to which insurance companies will go in order to convince consumers that they are on their side. An insurance attorney’s responsibility is to make sure any promises made by insurance companies are adequately met and result in benefits to their clients.

We do this by working towards the restoration of the relationship between the two parties. If restoring the relationship between the insurance company and the client is not feasible, we pursue insurance lawsuits. The average person is not trained to navigate the insurance code or resolve insurance disagreements.

An insurance dispute resolution attorney understands how to balance competing interests in a case by aligning a client's needs with an insurance company's better instincts and effectively help both parties reach as much of a mutually-beneficial resolution as possible.

A favorable resolution to an insurance dispute requires knowledge of the client’s insurance policy as well as the State of Florida’s insurance laws — these are two areas of specialty for insurance litigation attorneys.

Misunderstandings or confusion can delay a resolution or result in costly litigation. An insurance dispute attorney can solve a denied claim dispute both quickly and without the hassle and high costs which may result from litigation.


We Fight for Your Rights to Coverage

Enlisting the services of insurance lawyers might seem like a declaration of war against the insurance company. But insurance disputes are seldom that dramatic. They’re quite common in Florida, and we handle a fair share at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. The basic value in these cases is not picking a fight. It’s to make for a fairer process by having somebody on your side who knows insurance policies and the laws.

Standing alone toe-to-toe with a big insurance company is too much to ask of anyone. With our insurance dispute attorneys on your side of the table, you can rest assured the dispute will be resolved as favorably as possible for your interests. Contact our law offices in Orlando for a free consultation.

We Provide Answers During Florida Insurance Claim Disputes

How Do I File An Insurance Claim?

Claims on insurance products can be filed in one of several ways. Most companies have online customer portals. Using the policy number, the insured can log in to his or her account and file an electronic claim; or print, complete, and mail in a paper form. Sometimes claims can be processed over the phone. That said, filing procedures vary by insurance company.

There are also dozens of categories of insurance, and each is associated with up to several types of claims. Even a slight filing mistake could delay claim processing or be a cause for denial. To ensure a claim is filed correctly, consult an insurance attorney if you have questions.

How Much Is The Cost To Hire An Insurance Dispute Lawyer?

That’s the fundamental question when considering whether or not to contest a delayed, underpaid, or denied claim. Are the time and legal fees worth the damages recovered? In most cases, the answer is: Yes.

Retaining the services of the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. is less expensive than you might think. We advance the costs of an insurance dispute case, so you pay us only after we recover money for you. Courts also sometimes award money for attorney fees in settlements.

One claim that cannot be disputed is that after your claim is denied by an insurer, our attorneys in Orlando, FL, will fight for every cent owed to you. Contact us for a free consultation.

Can I Sue An Insurance Company?

When an insurer delays or makes an incomplete payment or refuses a legitimate claim, that can be a breach of contract. Under Florida law, an insured person can sue an insurance provider over a contract violation. However, facing off with an insurance company in a court of law is no simple task: the plaintiff must interpret nuanced insurance policy and navigate a complex legal system while confronting the powerful legal representation for the insurer.

An insurance attorney on your side thus can make all the difference during a claims dispute. Our lawyers know the ins-and-outs of the legal system and thus can anticipate an insurer’s tactics. In other words, we create for you a level playing field.

How Long Does An Insurance Company Have To Settle A Claim In Florida?

The length of time an insurer has to pay a claim depends on the nature of the accident, the type of policy, and the law. Our personal injury and accident attorneys pursue many insurance disputes related to vehicle accident claims.

In the case of a car crash, an insurance company typically has 14 days to respond to the client's claim letter and 10 days to begin an investigation after receiving proof of damages. Within 90 days, the insurer must either pay or deny the claim. Insurance attorneys can be brought at any time to ensure a fair process.

If payment is too small, or the claim is denied, the attorney can investigate and ultimately fight for the insured driver to get back his or her just due.

How Do I Appeal An Insurance Claim Denial?

Like it or not, insurance companies are in business to make profits. What money they do not pay out in claims goes back into their bottom lines. This might seem at odds with their stated goal of protecting consumers, yet it also represents the second part of their business responsibilities: protecting their shareholders. That being said, insurers seldom create insurance coverage disputes merely to thwart their customers’ best interests. Denied claims more often have to do with policy details. People can get emotional after being denied insurance payouts for injuries or damages.

Because attorneys aren’t swayed by emotion but are objective arbiters of facts, they can objectively determine whether anything was overlooked or misinterpreted in the insurance company’s determination. It’s rare for a bad faith insurance lawyer to uncover nefarious intent by the insurer. Most often, the dispute is over different policy interpretations that can be negotiated. With a little attention to detail, an attorney can help a client who walked in with a denied claim walk out as a satisfied customer.