Why Roofing Claims Are Denied or Undervalued

Having a durable and reliable roof is essential to protect your entire home and your household. In Florida, roof damage can occur year-round with heavy winds, hurricanes, and hail damage. If your roof is damaged, it is important to file a claim promptly to have the damage addressed and prevent it from worsening. If covered, your home insurance company should fully cover roofing claims for roof repairs or a full roof replacement. If the roof claim is denied, roofing services could cost you thousands. Having a home insurance claim denied or undervalued can be an extremely frustrating experience. You have paid your insurance premiums and have a right to your home insurance coverage. The first step to disputing an insurance claim denial for your roof claim is understanding why the claim was denied. Our Florida insurance dispute attorneys can help you understand the claim issue, appeal the denial, or fight for more money for your roofing claim. Contact our Florida insurance dispute law firm today to schedule a free consultation.

Reasons Why Roof Claims Are Denied By Insurance

Home insurance policies typically outline specific circumstances that warrant roof repairs and roof replacement. Coverages vary greatly from company to company and across different policy types. Insurance companies have discretion when approving and denying claims, so it is essential to be mindful of the coverage you have and pay attention to their reasonings for denial.

  • Previous Damage. Your policy will not cover damage that occurred under a previous policy. If you moved into your home this year and the roof has been damaged from 10 years ago, the claim will likely be denied. If the roof also has new damage, you can attempt to dispute the claim denial.
  • Old Roof. Roofing materials, no matter the quality, degrade over time. Eventually, the wear and tear on the roof will create the need for replacement. Natural degradation of the roof is not typically covered in an insurance policy. 
  • Partial Damage. The damage may not be significant enough to warrant a full roof replacement.
  • Claim Misfiled. Claims must be filed correctly and in accordance with the insurance company’s policies. There is often a deadline for reporting damage.
  • Manufacturers Defect. If it is determined that roof damage was caused by defective roofing material, the insurance company is not liable. However, you may be covered under manufacturers' warranties.
  • Insurance Adjuster Discretion. In some instances, the insurance adjuster may make a mistake that can warrant an appeal of the denial or undervalue of the claim.

You May Be Eligible For a Full Roof Replacement

Some insurance companies approve roof repairs when a roof replacement is necessary to save money. This can lead to more frequent and worsening damage. Our home insurance lawyers can assist you with your roofing claim and work to get you qualified for a full roof replacement. Florida has clear regulations for roof repairs versus roof replacements. Per Florida building code, if more than 25 percent of a roof is damaged from natural causes such as hail or wind, the policyholder is entitled to a full roof replacement rather than roof repairs. A knowledgeable home insurance lawyer can walk you through this claim dispute process and make sure you get the roof replacement you are entitled to.

How An Experienced Property Insurance Lawyer Can Help

You deserve a strong roof over your head that will protect you and your family for years to come. Our highly skilled and reliable Florida insurance attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne can help you successfully navigate your home insurance claim dispute for your roofing claim. Don’t let an insurance company push you around, contact our insurance dispute law firm today to schedule a comprehensive, free consultation!