Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability & Commercial Insurnace Litigation Attorneys

Insurance companies regularly reject claims that require further investigation or clarity. This can happen during a vulnerable time in your life, when you’ve lost a loved one or suffered from a debilitating accident. Life and disability insurance claims can offer significant rewards to a family during these trying times. Commercial insurance claims, in turn, develop future business opportunities.

Insurance Dispute Lawyers

If an insurance company rejects your insurance claim or ignores it completely, you owe it to yourself to seek reputable legal guidance. Insurance companies can be reluctant to “reward” their customers with what they are entitled to because of their losses associated with the claim. It is important to realize that this is exactly the tradeoff insurance companies make. An insurance company needs to recognize its obligation to abide by its agreement with its customers when its customers abide by paying their premiums.

If your insurance company rejected your life, disability or commercial insurance claim, it is imperative that you seek reputable legal guidance. A knowledgeable and experienced insurance dispute attorney can assist you in negotiating with insurance companies and can even take insurance companies to court to force them to pay your claim.

Protecting You From Dishonest Insurance Companies

At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., we regularly represent clients regarding insurance claim disputes. We offer a skilled, personalized approach to getting you what you deserve from insurance companies, in a timely manner.

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