A Kind Person Shows Their Appreciation

It’s heartwarming to receive such kind words from a stranger. The Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., received a kind message from a prospective client. Even though we were not able to help him with his request, he emailed us this:

“I have been living in the USA (since 1982) for over four decades and have known several Attorneys, but I haven't ever met any Attorney who is sincere, helpful, and willing to help anyone who needed help like Mr. Sommerville without any personal benefit.

 In 2004 Attorney Muller and Attorney Sommerville helped us to win the case with Marriott hotel, after that case, Mr. Sommerville was willing and able to help me at any time we needed without any questions.  Now, I have a problem with Grand theft, he went out of his way to meet me and listened to me, then referred me to speak to you. 

It seems like, my case cannot be won, but I want to thank you for spending your valuable time speaking to me. You are my second-best Lawyer in the USA that I have ever known in over 40 years.”

It’s because of individuals like the one who sent us this message that we are able to do what we do. We love engaging with the public and helping our clients seek justice for their injuries and win their cases.