Guide For After An Accident

5 Things to Do When In An Accident:

Check yourself and passengers for any injuries. Seek immediate medical attention.

If it is safe to do so, check on everyone involved in the crash and keep track of any injuries or pain reported. Call 911 immediately to report the situation and let them know if an ambulance is needed.

Call the police, report the accident, and never admit fault.

Do not admit liability or fault to the authorities or your insurance company until you can get in contact with your attorney.

Take pictures of the scene and vehicles/motorcycles involved.

Always remember to record the aftermath of the car crash. Memories can often be unreliable. By taking photographs, you have sustainable, objective evidence to help you recall the details of the accident.

Do not leave the scene until the information has been exchanged or the police allow it.

Ask the other parties involved for their personal contact information. This way, it is easier for your lawyer or insurance company to reach out to them.

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Find an attorney as soon as possible after a car crash to know what your rights are and what compensation is owed to you.

5 Things to Do When Pulled Over:

Pull over out of traffic immediately, when safe to do so.

Get off of the road and away from oncoming vehicles to prevent a potential accident.

Remain seated in a vehicle or on a motorcycle and keep hands in plain sight.

When an officer approaches your vehicle, do not move. Wait until they give you further instructions.

Be polite. Turn off music and cell phones.

Be respectful. Turn off any distractions that would hinder your ability to listen to the police.

Be prepared to show your license, registration, and proof of insurance.

Gather all of your legal documents. Be sure to have these forms ready and available in your vehicle at all times.

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