New Florida Laws October 2020

The following includes a number of new state laws going into effect starting October 2020. If you think any of these changes could affect your case, contact us right away to schedule a case consultation.

October 2020

  • HB 205 Unlawful Use Of Uniforms, Medals, or Insignia. Prohibits misrepresentation and misuse of military symbols for certain purposes.
  • HB 333 Bail On Appeal Review. Prohibits bail to certain offenders with a pending review following a conviction for an offense involving a sexual offender or sexual predator registration with minor victims.
  • HB 387 License Plate Fee Changes. Allows the collection of an annual use fee for specialty license plates under certain circumstances.
  • HB 675 Exposure Of Sexual Organs. Increases criminal penalties for second and subsequent instances of indecent exposure. Authorizes warrantless arrests when law enforcement has probable cause that a person has exposed themselves.
  • HB 915 Commercial Service Airports. Orders the Auditor General to conduct specified audits of certain airports. Requires some commercial airports to comply with certain financial disclosures and maintain a specified online presence and ethical standards.
  • HB 1135 License Plates. Authorizes the election of a permanent registration period for certain vehicles if conditions are met. Revises presale requirements for issuance of a specialty license plate. Prohibits annual use fees from being used for certain purposes. Requires that certain documentation is on file with the department prior to the development of certain license plates.
  • HB 7015 OGSR/Body Camera Recordings. Removes scheduled repeal of exemption from public records requirements for body camera recordings.
  • HB 7019 OGSR/Human Trafficking Victims. Removes scheduled repeal of exemption from public records requirements for certain criminal intelligence & criminal investigative information that reveal the identity of certain human trafficking victims.
  • SB 294 Crimes Against Veterans. Otherwise known as the "Florida Veterans Protection Act." Increases sentences for any person who commits aggravated, white-collar crimes against a certain number of veterans.
  • SB 680 Shark Fins. Otherwise known as the “Kristin Jacobs Ocean Conservation Act.” Prohibits the import, export, and sale of shark fins in this state with some exceptions.
  • SB 1286 Contraband in Specified Facilities. Prohibits the introduction of certain cannabis-related substances, cellular telephones, other communication devices, and vapor-generating electronic devices inside specified facilities of the Department of Children and Families or of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.