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You may lose the right to an attorney when battling insurance companies


I’m attorney Michael Brehne with an urgent warning about what Florida state legislators are trying to do to strip away your rights against insurance companies.

For years – maybe even decades – you’ve been faithfully paying your insurance premiums on your home, car, motorcycle – to name a few. And when it was time to make a claim, you quickly realized that your insurance company was not in the business of paying out what you deserved – at least not without a fight, in many cases. And that’s when an office like ours held the insurance companies accountable, going to battle for you, to make sure you received the compensation you were entitled to. But all that could go away….

For over 50 years, when insurance companies wrongfully denied claims, they had to pay your attorney’s fees as a disincentive to continue to deny valid claims. But the Florida legislature is now considering a bill that will force you to pay your own attorney’s fees, even when you win and prove the insurance company wrongfully denied your claim.

The insurance companies have everything to gain and you have nothing to gain by this legislation passing.

You paid your premiums, year after year… you’re entitled to be made whole with your claim… you shouldn’t have to hire an attorney to force the insurance companies to do what’s right, but often, you do. And you certainly shouldn’t have to pay your attorney out of your pocket or your settlement if the insurance company acted in bad faith. If this legislation passes, that’s exactly what will happen. Which will make you less inclined to hire a firm like ours – which is exactly what the insurance companies are hoping for.

We believe, together, we should hold insurers accountable, which means saying ‘no’ to this legislation. Which is why we’ve created this page. View the links below to easily find who YOUR legislators are, and tell them by email or phone to vote NO to the Tort Reform Bill or House Bill 837. Tell your legislators that you demand the right to hire an attorney, and the insurance companies should have to pay that cost if they did not act in good faith.

We’ve spent more than 20 years fighting for those who needed it the most. Help us continue to help you – get in contact with your legislators, before this legislation passes.

On behalf of all of us at the Law Offices of Michael Brehne, please stay safe and never hesitate to call us if we can be of any help.


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While we encourage you to state your objection in your own words to provide greater impact of the message, we also welcome you to copy/paste the below message into the email(s) you send to your legislators:


Dear (Fill in recipients name),

As a Florida citizen, voter and insurance customer, I implore you to vote NO to the Tort Reform efforts that would strip away my right to hire an attorney to represent me against an insurer or have to pay my attorney, even if I prevail, out of my pocket or settlement.  By doing so, you are shifting all of the power to the insurance companies with absolutely no benefit to the insured.  Qualified, capable and committed attorneys are often our last resource to be “made whole” and they deserve to be compensated for their hard work by the insurance companies should their insured client prevail.


Thank you for your time and STRONG consideration as my elected representative. I want my voice heard and my voice demands you vote NO.


(Insert your name)

(Insert your town/city)