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No individual desires to gain a DUI (driving under the influence) offense, yet, DUI offenses in the state of Florida are at an all-time high. No individual should operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of street drugs, prescription medication, alcoholic beverages or any other substance. However, at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our experienced criminal defense lawyers understand that sometimes, a DUI charge is not suitable. Contact an experienced DUI lawyer at our firm to gain a proper understanding of the many DUI variations and penalties in Florida, as well as aggressive defenses against DUI charges.

Florida DUI Variations

There are numerous variations of DUIs within the state of Florida. Each category of DUIs is classified based on the nature and scope of the incident, and the incident’s impact on others. The most common DUI groupings are explained below. The severity of the penalties of a given DUI often depends on 1) how others are impacted, and 2) prior criminal record(s) of the driver.

First DUI Offense

The penalty for a First DUI Offense often results in a fine ranging from $500 to $1,000. As its name implies, a First DUI Offense indicates that there is only one offense. Such offense can be proven by proof if any of the following conditions:

  1. The driver was unable to operate the motor vehicle under “normal faculties”, and/or
  2. The driver held a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level that was over the legal limit (0.08).

Regardless of how the First DUI Offense is proven, the consequences remain consistent.

Second DUI Offense

A Second DUI Offense that occurs within 5 years of a previous conviction may lead to charges worth $500 to $2,000 depending on the level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and whether minors were present in the vehicle. If the Second DUI Offense occurs within a 5-year period, a 10-day mandatory jail sentence may be assigned. A Second DUI Offense that occurs outside of the 5-year period may result in 9–12 months of jail time.

Third DUI Offense

A Third DUI Offense in the state of Florida equates to a Third Degree Felony. This means that the Third DUI Offense was charged within 10 years of the last conviction. Significant jail time and fines ($2,000–$5,000) may be assigned. It is also possible for a driver’s license to be revoked and a driver’s car to be impounded. In some cases, traffic school may also be assigned.

DUI with Property Damage

Typically charged during auto accidents, a DUI with Property Damage is a charge given to impaired drivers who harm the property of other drivers/pedestrians/residents while under the influence. This charge is considered a misdemeanor.

DUI with Bodily Injury

A DUI with Bodily Injury charge is given to individuals who cause physical harm to other drivers/pedestrians/residents while driving under the influence. This offense may result in fines and jail time. A DUI attorney can help you make the appropriate steps after injuring another person while driving under the influence.

DUI with Serious Injury

A DUI with Serious Injury charge is considered a felony. It means that another individual is significantly injured, resulting in permanent loss, impairment, disfigurement, organ loss or a substantial risk of death.

DUI Manslaughter

A DUI Manslaughter in the state of Florida is considered a felony. It is constituted by a death that occurs as a result of impaired driving.

A DUI that results in serious bodily injury or manslaughter may receive punishment of up to five years of jail time, extensive drug school and treatment, fines, mandatory community service tasks and license suspension. Thus, it is imperative that you contact a DUI defense lawyer for aggressive representation and advocacy.

DUI Defense Lawyers

It is vital that you contact a DUI defense attorney if you have been charged with any variation of a DUI. Driving under the influence is taken very seriously by law enforcers and courts in the state of Florida. Excess charges, property damage and bodily injury to others may pose significant troubles for you and your family. Not only are jail time, fines, traffic school, treatment, and potential lawsuits an option for punishment, but one’s reputation (and possibly citizenship) is at stake, along with the possibility of having driving privileges revoked. With a traffic violations attorney however, you can trust that your rights will be protected and your side of the story will be presented to a court of law.

At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., our DUI defense lawyers have seen it all. We understand the variations of DUI offenses in Florida and the applicable sanctions that are commonly assigned to each charge. Allow our personal injury attorneys to represent you during this significant time.