Out-of-State Driver Defense Lawyer

In the state of Florida, especially in areas in Orlando, people are constantly traveling in and out to meet their retirement and vacationing needs. Out-of-State drivers who operate vehicles on Florida roads are not exempt from Florida traffic laws. However, the penalties that an out-of-state driver may receive for violation of Florida traffic laws may vary. A traffic lawyer in Orlando, FL can inform you of your rights, privileges and responsibilities as a visiting driver.

Out-of-State Driving Violations

Every state has different types of laws that govern traffic and driving protocol; but, most states have laws that are extremely similar. Basic principles such as providing proper turn signals, adhering to traffic lights and avoiding distractions are universal traffic rules. However, there are also unique rules that are specific to states. For example, in the state of Florida, laws on texting are considered secondary laws. This is not the case in other states. Although a visiting driver may feel that he/she is only subject to the laws of his/her home state, he/she will still be punished for poor driving behavior.

An Orlando traffic attorney at the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A. would happily guide you through the differences and similarities of state traffic laws, as well as help you understand what penalties you may be subject to.

Interstate Penalties

There are federal contracts among states that aim to ensure that drivers receive consequences for their actions when engaging in wrongful driving behavior while interstate traveling. If a visiting driver drives over the speed limit in Florida, for example, his/her home state will be notified. The home state will be responsible for adding points to the individual's driving record and/or executing the penalty. There does exist, however, varying standards on when a state may contact another state. This often depends on the severity or level of the traffic offense.  If you are charged with a ticket violation for an out-of-state traffic violation, you should contact an Orlando traffic defense lawyer. Accumulation of traffic violations may result in jail time, fines and even loss of driving privileges.

Out-of-State Charges

Because of the seriousness of DUI cases, individuals charged with a DUI may lose their driving privileges in both the visiting state and the home state.

In cases involving moving violations, driving with suspended/expired licenses, and lack of valid registration, an individual may receive fines in both the visiting state and the home state.

Finally, out-of-state cases involving hit and runs and fleeing the scene are considered criminal cases. These may result in jail time in the visiting city.

The ways in which traffic violation penalties are addressed truly depends on the laws of each state. It is best to contact a traffic defense attorney to gain a greater understanding on how you might be impacted by an out-of-state traffic violations charge.

Orlando Traffic Violations Attorneys

Allow a traffic violations lawyer in Orlando, FL to represent you if you are faced with an out-of-state traffic violations charge. As aforementioned, traffic violations in different towns can be tricky and often result in greater penalties. At the Law Offices of Michael B. Brehne, P.A., you can trust that you will gain aggressive defense against traffic violation charges. There is no need to lose your driving privileges while visiting another town. Contact us today for a free initial consultation on all insurance and injury cases.