Personal Injury Lawyers For Distracted Biking

Bike riding on a sunny day is a great outdoor experience for both children and adults, especially in the beautiful Florida weather. While there are distracted driving laws in place, what about if you are riding around on two wheels? Though cyclists aren’t operating heavy machinery, texting while biking could result in serious injuries. In fact, deaths among bicyclists over the age of 20 in Florida have tripled over the past 45 years.

If you were injured in a distracted biking accident, it is important to know your rights. Getting a personal injury attorney on your team will help you understand the different rules of both the state of Florida and the city or town where the accident happened, whether you caused the accident by biking and texting or being in an accident caused by someone else.

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Biking While Texting Injuries

Even though these state regulations are in effect to help protect cyclists in the event of a crash, the rider's visibility and the absence of safety measures on a bike means a collision with a car or other vehicle will result in serious accidents. Some common injuries that can occur in a distracted biking incident can include the following.

  • Broken Bones
  • Soft Tissue Damage
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Road Rash
  • Internal Injuries

Laws About Biking & Texting

While there is no law making texting while biking illegal, some statutes give cyclists the same legal responsibilities and distracted drivers. Still, many have concluded that distracted driver laws don’t apply to those riding bicycles in the same way. Florida Statute §316.2065 outlines regulations for cyclists so that they can get around town safely. Some cities and states have passed specific distracted bicycling laws. As of 2015, seven states, including Florida, have passed laws that restrict or ban the use of headsets or earbuds while biking. There are exceptions to this law, being that hearing aids are permitted, headphones are allowed when riding in an area that’s not considered part of a road, and you can wear one earbud for cell phone use.

How An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Even though texting while biking may be legal, if a cyclist is “distracted” by texting and involved in a bicycle accident, the cyclist may be found negligent for failing to operate their bike safely. Although an insurance provider may have made you a compensation deal, it may not be sufficient to offset the expenses of your injury. In this situation, our lawyers will help with an insurance dispute case. If an automobile, pedestrian, or another cyclist was involved in the collision, we will also help determine responsibility.

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